2024 WFG Donations

2024 - WFG Ongoing Support

Thank you for your continued support of the Woodwind Fingering Guides. We strive to keep them online 24/7 for your continued use. But that costs money, something we don't have much of.

We ask that you support your resource here so that we can keep it up and running for your convenience. Any amount helps. If you had to buy books for this use you know how much you'd be spending. This site is always with you and saves you time and money every time you're here. Consider just donating a fraction of the money it's saved you.

Checks or money orders can be made out and sent to the following US address (if you send them to Mexico it can take months to arrive here - if at all), or, if you wish, you can donate via credit card. Just fill in the form on this secure server and submit it. You can also just print the donation form out and send it via regular mail. Paypal is also available for those that prefer: just send it to charette@woodwind.org and it'll get to me.

Thank you again for all your help over the years, and I hope to continue keeping you all up & connected for years to come!

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If you are donating via check or international money order please make sure the funds are in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank - the international transfer fees can completely wipe out your donation otherwise!

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I'd like to thank the following for their generous donations in 2024:

Anonymous C Bradshaw Michael Barren Anonymous
Gerald Warlick Carl Hemak Colin Whiteley GIFT CARD RECIPIENT
William Levey Anonymous Anonymous Peter Lutek
Michael Motley Nate Lampma n David Palfreyman Adrienne Baker

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