2017 Woodwind.Org Donations

Thank you for your patronage for over two decades! Woodwind.Org & the Bulletin Boards continue to keep going - even with Facebook and Twitter and other social media available on the Internet. While the site stays a bit creaky, I strive to keep it always reliable. However, it costs money for the hardware and the bandwidth, so I'm asking once again for your help.

Checks or money orders can be made out and sent to the following address, or, if you wish, you can donate via credit card. Just fill in the form on this secure server and submit it. You can also just print the donation form out and send it via regular mail. Paypal is also available for those that prefer: just send it to charette@woodwind.org and it'll get to me.

Thank you again for all your help over the years, and I hope to continue keeping you all up & connected for years to come!

Woodwind.Org, Inc.
c/o Mark Charette
60 Yacht Club Dr.
North Palm Beach, FL 33408 USA
PH: 248 613 3000

If you are donating via check or international money order please make sure the funds are in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank - the international transfer fees can completely wipe out your donation otherwise!

We're also putting a star with a color based on your donation amount next to your name when you post. This happens after the amount has cleared. Make sure you enter the email you use for the BBoard so I can put your star up!

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I'd like to thank the following for their generous donations:

Peter Faltpihl KARL KRELOVE Anthony Fairbridge Roger W Kwong
Daniel Shusta JB Linear Music Robert Reid Ronald Erwin
Kenneth Shaw Anonymous S Page Henry Lehrer
Muriel Pratt Robert Monie Michael Blinn Anonymous
Gene Wie Luuk van Buul Lloyd Henderson William Bainbridge
Robert Bernardo Guy Legere William Hughes Tony Pay
Steven Samuel David Spiegelthal George Libman Tom Addison
Another Man's Treasure Ken Jarczyk mojomouthpiece Work LLC Kyle Bennett
John Oian Robert Oetman Robert Gray Anonymous
ALLAN SEGAL Robert Barnhart Christopher Loekle Chris Chaloner
Alton E Neurath Jr Brian White Phillip Roberts Daniel Oberlin
Alix Janove michael d fried Anonymous Gary Kern
Edward Palanker Anonymous Benedikt Hochstrasser Mike Ainsworth
Anonymous James Sclater Bruce McGarvey DAVID THOMAS
Anonymous Robert Schwebel Steven Ocone Claudia Zornow
Peter Stoll Nancy Buckman John Peacock Andrew Cousins
Bradley Hardin Douglas Leach Michael Woernle Johan Nilsson
Bonnie Davis gene keyes Kevin Brodhead Tom Rubbo
Ronald King Gregory Groleau Drakie Jordan Burt Marks
Linda Dickson Ruben Greenberg Anonymous John Butler
Roxann Jensen William Burnham Ed Lowry Jeffery Mason
Shiu Ching Ng Gregory Smith Peter Scaysbrook David Schwartz
Kenwrick Chan Caroline Smale Martin Schäfer Daniel Richmond
Richard Thomson Barry Kruse Robert Gray Anonymous
Edward Cottongim michael pianin Anonymous James Kahre
Margaret Shields-Belisle Eric Chi Steven Tuey John Moses
Michael Schmidt Anonymous Keith Hudson Douglas Ramsdell
Jim Harper PHILIP PALLETTE Micke Isotalo Jess Gross
Micke Isotalo elizabeth copland Leonard Allman Alan Davis
Sarah Leard Mark Thiel LAWRENCE BOCANER Mary Mendenhall
Justin Willsey Brenda Luci Kenneth Kolb Kenneth Henderson
Robert Monie Anonymous    

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